Lead Innovators

These are the people who work to make BLUE possible not only for our residents but also for the greater UNC community.

BLUE Coordinators

Kris Hergert

Ryan Lawton

Andrew Stone

BeAM Coordinators

Charlie Cummings

Kristina Herrera

Glenn Walters


BLUE Leadership Team

Also known as the BLT, these are the student leaders in charge of helping to plan and market BLUE's day-to-day operations.

Carlexa Fevry
Business - '20

Hunter Gadwill
Chemistry, Biology -  '21

Lawton Ives
Business, Statistics - '21

Michelle Nandi
Business, Economics- '21

Ben Sagmoe
Computer Science, Math -  '19

Matt Schinsky
Business -  '21

Ari Singer-Freeman
Computer Science -  '21