Nothing like an end-of-the-year celebration showcasing our BLUE students’ talent!

The BLUEtank Competition and Celebration is an end-of-the-year event for BLUE students to showcase their ideas and products they've been working on throughout the school year in a last final pitch!


Check out our winners from this year’s competition:

Best Overall - OneTag

OneTag is a mobile app that allows UNC students to utilize their OneCard in an electronic version easily from their mobile devices. No more hassle of having to take your OneCard everywhere!

Team Members: Jackson Lanier, Anthony Schinelli, Husam Shaik, and Tom Dix

Best Pitch Delivery - Compass

Compass is an easy-to-use navigational device which helps people locate their important misplaced objects (car, wallet, etc) in a simple way, without the need for technological savvy.

Team Members: Elena Knudsen, Megan Perry, and Delaney O’Conell

Best Product Development - Modulas

Modulas is a phone case that has all the gadgets you could wish for. Already installed features include wallet, speaker, pop socket, cooling fan and more.

Team Members: Nelson Lopez, Ari Singer-Freeman, Nick Tapp-Hughes, and Ben Sagmoe

Most Creative - Boredom

Boredom is a board game for enthusiasts of all ages that mixes scrabble and role playing games to enhance memory, social, and language learning skills.

Team Members: Andrew Myers, John Feshuk, Sebastian Crowell, Lucas Plott, and Guy Mcintyre